Today’s BeBe’s Kids

Today’s BeBe’s Kids

Ok, I might be showing my age with this post, (whatever…don’t judge me!) but there was a comedian a little while ago who had a skit about BeBe’s Kids when I was growing up that was eventually turned into an animated movie. The movie itself was about this guy who saw this lovely young women, (Ohhh Yeah!!!) that he really wanted to get to know. After their initial meeting, he showed up at her house to pick her up for a date and he was surprised to see that she had a son. However, not only did he have to deal with her son but he ended up with BeBe’s Kids as well. On top of that,  BeBe’s kids were bad little gangsters! They stole stuff, robbed cars and caused all kinds of mayhem throughout the course of the movie.

As the movie progressed, you learned that they weren’t really bad kids but they just needed guidance and love. The male character inadvertently became a strong male role model for them and began to see the essence of Bebe’s kids as just a few kids that just needed guidance; even though my favorite line of the movie was from one part when the kids were fighting and he screamed out, “That’s right! Beat’em like he owes you money!” (Ok…That’s Philly again!) On those same lines of men becoming good examples, the purpose of “” and some of my own personal movie ideas, I will explore this concept more. But with the rise of “Today’s BeBe Kids” as a result of men are having children and leaving BeBe to care for them or the fact that some men that are not aware of how to be a man themselves they aren’t equipped to raise another man. Through these missing aspects of our society, we end up creating a society filled with Bebe kids that are probably much more destructive than what any images that can be properly displayed in an animated cartoon.

I often tell or write about the time, but not long ago I did a presentation at a children’s program where I created some designs on my laptop that was connected to a projector, so the kids could follow along with my progress. However, I was not very pleased with the conduct of the children and I left the event rather upset at the lack of respect that I felt from the kids. As I drove home complaining about their conduct, I heard myself say, “They know better!”, I then heard in my heart, “Says who?” “Who says they have learned what respect is? Who says they know really know the proper way to act and the benefits in it? Who says that there’s an adult anywhere in their lives to teach them?”

From that time, I have changed my perspective on BeBe kids to a more understanding approach. To be honest, I used to just want to bash them over the head with something wooden until they acted right or lost consciousness! (Once again…I’m from Philly it comes up every now and then) but in the times we live in, the term “right” has been blurred and children may be simply responded to the environment that they live in. As children we are born with the potential to be whatever we are exposed to. So are children really responsible for doing the “wrong” acts if they have never be shown what the “right” ones are? Can we as adults blame children for acting like fools if they don’t consider their behavior as foolish?

Consider This…
If BeBe’s kids were at your door doing the wrong thing how would you help them? Do you have anything to give BeBe’s kids that would actually help or would you respond like I used to and look for the closet metal object to help them understand? Now, let me be clear, the Bible says, “The rod will drive out foolishness…” and my parents fully agreed with this scripture and used the rod several times when the BeBe side of me rose up. However, there were other times, I just didn’t know any better and at those times the bat may not have been the best instrument of correction. Not to say my paresnts really used a bat…now that would have been wrong!

So when you encounter “Today’s BeBe’s Kids” I ask you to consider where they may have come from and what they may or may not know before reached for the Taser or Mace. However, if the Taser is better suited for the situation…handle Your Business!!! Ok…that’s Philly for the last time…in this post at least! 😯

This is just an Idea to Consider…Intended to Help!