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This is a simple offer to the males, to join me at The purpose of this site is an extension to to address a few of the principles that I feel are needed to help a male develop into a man. This is not necessary developing into a perfect man because none of us are, but I share a few principles that I believe will help spark conversations and that are solid seeds that we as men need to begin to develop into the Men we need to be. Not just for ourselves, but for those that count on us and need us to be men of standards and principles and operate in a true sense of what ManHood is.

To every man that would like to just get another viewpoint of the standards of men…you are invited.

To every boy growing into a man that may be looking for more information on some of the keys areas of life of a man…you are invited.

To every single mother looking for additional information to help steer their sons in the right direction of becoming a man…you are invited.

I hope you will receive my invitation.




Eric M. Watterson

ManHood 101 Book - Strong Principles for Strong MenManHood 101: Strong Principles 4 Strong Man
Unlike women, who have a lot of the principles of growing up and accepting responsibility instilled in them when they are girls, males grow up playing and will continue to play unless he decides to learn to develop into a man. A male has to learn the necessary principles of being a man. It’s not an automatic thing.   MORE >>

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